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Industries We Serve

Health Care

Specializing in the unique field of health care provides Hyland A. Nolan Contractors the critical experience needed when working in hospitals and clinics. These projects inherently come with exceptional requirements including but not limited to, infectious control procedures, advanced knowledge in logistics and procedures working in patient areas, and dynamic scheduling to optimize labor and reduce cost by reducing overall project duration.

Hospital Corridor
Robotic Lab Assistant

Research Labs

Years of experience with the build-outs of research labs, allows Hyland A. Nolan Contractors to navigate the dedicated field of high-end lab construction.  Specialized design criteria, specific MEP equipment, and unique materials is common place in the construction of dry, wet, and laser labs.  Successful completion of these projects is made even more difficult when performing adjacent to active labs and clean room environments.


Institutions with priceless displays present an obvious challenge to a construction project. Hyland A. Nolan Contractors has completed numerous renovations in just such environments. Repairs and renovations in active museums often require creative scheduling in order to not impede the exhibition’s daily operations.

People in Museum
College Campus

Educational Institutions

Hyland A. Nolan Contractors has performed projects at all levels of the educational system since our inception in 1885.  Condensed construction schedules are usually the main hurdle in this field, and our track record of years of successful projects is proof we are up to the challenge.

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