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Our Background

Licensed Professionals

Our family owned company was founded in the Hyde Park neighborhood in 1885, and is now in its fourth generation of operation. We have performed countless projects throughout Chicago and the surrounding area during the history of our firm. 


We are particularly experienced in all interior renovations and proudly self-perform carpentry, lathing, plastering, drywall taping, and painting all with our fully trained and professional, Union employees. We specialize in completing quality projects in difficult environments with minimal impact to the surrounding occupants and infrastructure. The majority of our clients are hospitals, research labs, museums, and educational institutions, which require special attention to noise and dust control as well as site-specific safety and operational protocols.  


Hyland A. Nolan Contractors takes pride in providing for our clients performance, management, technical expertise, and extreme attention to detail that surpasses our competition. Hyland A. Nolan Contractors is deeply committed to customer satisfaction during all stages of the project. We pride ourselves in providing accurate pricing and clear communication with our clients. As a result, we maintain a track record of completing projects on time with far fewer change orders than is typical of the industry. 


Recipients of the prestigious University of Chicago Facilities Services Contractor of the Year Award (2011) in recognition of outstanding performance.

Meet The Team

Jim Nolan


Has worked at Hyland A. Nolan Co. since 1984


Journeyman carpenter

Local Union 74-L


Purdue University B.S., Construction Technology 

Tom Nolan

Vice President

Has worked at Hyland A. Nolan Co. since 1988

Journeyman carpenter

Local union 74-L



Purdue University

B.S., Construction Technology

Joseph Colletti

Treasurer, Office Manager

Has worked at Hyland A. Nolan Co. since 2001

Journeyman Laborer

Local Union 6




Northeastern Illinois University

Information Science

Melissa Najera

Office Assistant

Has worked at Hyland A. Nolan Co. since 2015

Katie Colletti

Assistant Project Manager

Has worked at Hyland A. Nolan Co. since 2018


Eastern Illinois University

Family Owned and Operated
Since 1885
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